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We provide SEO audits and consultancy that focus on the core technical aspects that are critical components of an effective onsite SEO strategy. These naturally incorporate site architecture, taxonomy, URL structure, internal link profile, canonical definitions, hreflang values, javascript rendering, redirects, and schema markup, to name a few.

Conversely, the elements where we generally do not provide expert services for are keyphrase research, copywriting, CRO, social media marketing and off-site outreach - link building, PR and content marketing.



While there is no definitive definition, we tend to equate it to website(s) that are more complex, as an enterprise is more complex than an SMB.

Sseveral scenarios make a brands web presence complex:

  • A single large website. Hundreds of thousands of pages upward have different considerations to a website with a few hundred pages and no UGC. Crawl budget, discovery, and indexing all have more influence.
  • Multiple sites in different countries and/or languages. Hreflang usage is usually the primary consideration here, and almost always an area with issues, and where improvements that produce gains in organic traffic can be made.


Yes, they can be. As technical SEO consultants we are happy to provide all audits and consultancy as white label or operate embedded within your team to handle all relevant client comms and strategy development.

As it’s often asked, and to be clear, If we provide your agency with whitelabel consultancy services for your clients, we will never contact the client as mediaco marketing or use their name in any way associated with us. NDA’s are ideal for formalizing that aspect of the contract. We can provide a baseline agreement if you do not currently have one defined.



It depends…but to give some ballpark figures:-

  • A single website. Hundreds of thousands of pages, but less than a million: £8,000
  • A single large website. Millions of pages, total likely unknown: £20,000
  • Multiple sites in different countries and/or languages -
    • Up to ten countries with less than 200,000 pages total: £12,000
    • More than ten countries with less than 1,000,000 pages total: £24,000

Each website is unique in terms of complexity, with a large website, such as an e-commerce with clearly defined categories and product variations, not being considered large by us for auditing. Hence, it would come in at a lower cost. So do reach out if you are interested in our SEO services, irrespective of your site’s size or current traffic levels. We customize all activities to your business requirements to maximize gains within the search results.



We can undertake an initial analysis and provide you with a fixed cost solution for specialist services with a clear one-off deliverable.



For the majority of large sites, templates and tokens have always played a part, which is the basis of programmatic SEO.

Programmatic content strategy development, along with the considerations for implementation and deployment at scale, is a technical area where we can provide expert guidance and recommendations.

We generally do not provide the dataset for the content creation as part of the strategy development but we can assist in data creation and processing - website crawling or AI-generated.



We can provide an experienced fractional SEO manager or director to take ownership and management of your SEO strategy.

This can be cost effective for budgets that don’t cover a full time experienced SEO but the website(s) are complex, requiring highly knowledge personnel to manage the SEO.

Our fractional seo staffing solution can also be beneficial to maintaining coverage during periods of medical or maternity leave.



We are still evaluating the best approach to deliver value through a productized approach to SEO. The value our side is clear but we want to ensure it has client value as well.

If it is something you are interested in please do reach out and if we work together on the offering we’re more than happy to provide favourable rate to your business as the “beta tester”.



Our technical SEO consultancy spans the globe and is currently optimizing websites in over 25 countries. That is not including sites where we provide a white label service to agencies - you manage the client relationship, issue resolution, and performance reporting, so the credit and confidentiality is with you.

For search engines, Google, at the country level, is the primary focus for visibility due to their dominant share of search in the countries where we operate. Still, we are keeping an eye on Bing for any rise in popularity through Microsoft’s move into AI and partnership with OpenAI - exciting times in SEO!

Due to differences in the dominant search engine, we do not provide services for China, Russia, and South Kore, along with the counties in which Google is banned.



We believe “online” is the correct answer here as it’s where we work and communicate - working async from distributed locations long before “work from home” was a thing. Regarding physical location and business registration, our global HQ has been in Singapore since 2009 with local SEO consultants in the USA and UK, along with an Operations and Research facility in the Philippines.



Make sure the ww. and wwww. versions of your domain 301 redirect to the main domain, either “www” or “non-www”. That prevents the generic browser error message that doesn’t give the searcher any way to get to your site. Not a great UX here Apple: apple dns error on ww domain Fixing that won’t immediately help you outrank Apple, but it will provide a better user experience to any searchers who mistype your domain along with capturing any value from external links that use those mistyped domain varients.


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